Mannequins on the She's Stepping Out model agency has girl on their books who sport styles from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. The girls are either 30" (76cms) or 27" (70cms) tall.  
1940s fashions will range from knee length daywear, including tea dresses or smart wide shouldered suits, to full length evening wear including ruching and complex stylelines popular during this period . The 1940s saw women sporting flamboyant and often intricate hairstyles including those with Victory rolls. The mannequins will reflect the striking period of fashion that was the 1940s, each one uniquely styled by the She's Stepping Out designer. Hand painted makeup and nails will emphasise the use of bright red lipstick and nail polish popular in the 1940s.  
Mannequins displaying 1950s will wear styles influenced by fashion designers like Christian Dior and his 'New Look' with yards of fabric in full skirts and nipped in waists on close fitting bodices. Designs typical of 1950s and designers of that era will also be modelled slim, tight fitting 'wiggle dresses', capri pants and casual wear as well as styles influenced by Givenchy who created wonderful clothes for Audrey Hepburn in her films of the period. Hairstyles for 1950s models will range from chic short styles to updos or smooth collar length waves, all unique and individually designed and sculpted by She's Stepping Out designers. Handpainted makeup reflects the look of this period with an emphasis on brightly coloured lips.  
1960s 'She's Stepping Out' models will sport unique hairstyles typical of the decade ranging from hair flipped out at the ends to updos to the popular bob of the later 1960s. The models' handpainted makeup will include have heavy eyeliner ticked up at the corner of the eye and pale lipstick as was the fashion this decade, they will display the diverse styles of this period from early 1960's wide skirts and capri pants to the later styles influenced by designers like Mary Quant. The fashion modelled by these art fashion mannequin dolls will exemplify the vibrant, diverse and exicting fashions and hairstyles of the 1960s period.  
The 1970s 'She's Stepping Out' collectible art fashion mannequin dolls will sport hairstyles uniquely fashioned in styles of the period, from updos with high ponytails to pageboys and pixie cuts and all 1970s variations inbetween. Each hairstyle will be unique and individually sculpted. Handpainted makeup will include heavy black eyeliner and pale lips to reflect the 1970s look. The 1970s is the era of the flared trouser, empire line tops, princess line dresses, bell or puff sleeves and disco fashion. Mini, maxi and midi skirts all had their place while the trouser suit for women became an acceptable part of everyday fashion during this decade. The 1970s were a diverse and innovative decade of fashion which our 1970s models will portray.  
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